About Us


Our Approach

Our philosophy at Ash-Industries is to enable our farmers to successfully grow and capitalize on Hemp.  Through providing state of the art equipment, industry leading genetics, consultation services, and turn key processes, we can accommodate all farms large and small to grow this new cash crop.  We have a mission to help change the welfare of our country through a product that can change how we live in all aspects of our lives.  We are family and relationship driven company; and believe in doing business with honesty and integrity and with tenacious follow through.  Let our family help your family.  Call us today!


Our Story

We started out with a need to correct the path of our own family farm.  We were at the point where working the land was not worth the effort and were looking for another option.  After the 2018 Farm bill passed we saw the opportunity and jumped in and started researching how we can grow with this new opportunity.  We saw a need for a turnkey system that farmers can use to get started in the hemp industry and learn how to grow this new crop.  We desire to work alongside farmers around the country to help re-write their stories and change the direction of their family farms.

Meet the Team

Our team is made up of passionate, honest and straight forward people that enjoy working directly with you.  With over 45 years of combined leadership experience in all aspects of business and industry leading knowledge in the hemp growing industry we are confident we can help everyone succeed.

Richard Crow

Co-Founder & CEO

Aaron Beggs

General Manager

Aaron has spent the last 20 years leading teams in the transportation industry to achieve world class results.  With positive leadership, direct honest communication and prompt feedback as well as treating everyone with dignity and respect he has build teams for all sized operation.  Aaron holds a BA from Wichita State University and a MBA from Baker University.  The inherent challenge of helping mold an industry and create solid business practices is what drives him in this new venture.