Where are you in your process?


We want to know what your experience has been in Hemp So far.  Are you feeling successful?  Have you taken advice from people that just did not work?  Have you lost most of your plants or if you field full?  We want to hear from you!  We have planted over 3000 acres at this point and have done so mostly with our PlantTape technology and the hardest part so far has been the transplanting in the fields and ensuring the field is ready to take the plant.  We have in our minds been successful, but have found out a number of things that can cause loss and heartburn.  Here are some of our findings.

  1.  Make sure your field is prepped and ready to accept your seed or your transplant.  Field prep is key to ensuring you effectively germinate or transplant.  Check your PH and do a soil sample to ensure there are no harmful chemicals still or you have the correct nutrients.
  2. Water!  Make sure your water is effective and constant.  There should be a minimum of 1/4 inch of water on your plants/seeds for the first 8 weeks daily.  Getting them to crack and germinate or acclimate to the field is highly important!
  3. Nutrition!  Make sure you have a good nutrition plan for the plants while they are young and keep them healthy.

The opportunity this year is tremendous for those who put the time in, educate, have the right equipment or will, and are willing to learn from others that are succeeding.  IF you find yourself in a spot where you have the will, but just don't have the knowledge, please hit us up here or on Facebook and we will be glad to see what we can do to help you succeed this year.  In this industry it is hard to find people you can trust, and we want to be that resource for you to trust what we say and we will always follow up on what we say we will do!  Have a great season and happy hemping!

Drying your Hemp Plant

Drying HEMP!

Have you thought about how you are going to dry your crop this year?  If not you should think about it hard.  We offer an onsite service where we will dry your machine cut hemp for $3.00 per dry lb.(up to 50 acres, Discounts above 50 acres)  This is a proven way to dry your crop and save as much CBD value as possible.  The name of the game is producing the highest quality biomass possible.  Call us today to schedule a consultation.