We aspire to be the Complete Resource from seed to shelf for that farmer or investor that wants to maximize his profits and minimize his efforts. We have the capability to help you grow a turn key crop each and every year allowing you to focus on taking care of your needs first. Allow us to come along side and help you succeed! We believe that he who does the right thing for the right reason will come out on top! We focus on helping others and making peoples lives better in the process!

Planting And Farming Services

Our farming and planting system will assist any farmer from the large land owner to the small custom farmer. We can customize a plan with the best seed, the proper planting and field management system to maximize your yield.

Harvest/Drying Services

The harvest and drying part of the the process is arguably the most important process and can make the difference from having a good crop to having a GREAT crop! Let our team show you how we can increase your yield and mitigate the loss of CBD percentage and valuable terpenes through the harvest and drying process. With our technology we will show you how our field drying option can again maximize yields and profits with the least amount of efforts!

Extraction and Processing

To be able to claim that we can help you “seed to shelf” we have to ensure our relationships are strong along the way. We can help you sell your biomass to top labs for great prices so you get paid. If you want to take it to the next level we can help you with your own product line though our white label programs and our suppliers. Ask today how we can take your operation to the next level.

Our Main Message

We at Ash-Industries are about “Reap What You Sow” and providing a better future for the next generations to come through a sustainable that can be used in all industries.

Ash-Industries knows that Agriculture and renewable resources are the backbone to our economy and affect our daily lives and as the oldest cultivated plant known the hemp plant will help us achieve this sustainability.

We are the company to work with, because we are efficient, fast moving, and have high quality machines and industry knowledge to get the job done. We know that working together will help everyone deliver quality products in a timely manner and we also know that your land is your most valuable asset and time is money. Contact us Today for your Hemp needs!

Next Steps…

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